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LOVE SOFIE kindness and celebrate life within the fashion world.

Love Sofie exists to promote kindness and celebrate life within the fashion world. The Swedish designer Sofie Bly had worked within an International fashion scene for more than 2 decades when she met Emma Hedin, marketing strategist from various Swedish fashion-brands including: ACNE, NUDIE and WHYRED. Together this strong team of visionary women created Love Sofie: A possibility to be chic, modern and kind at the same time. They both believe that a great part of the fashion industry has become to harsh, careless and irresponsible and they want to change this by showing the world that The Brand Love Sofie contains shoes and accessories that are ANIMAL-FREE using sustainable materials and responsible productions. The expression is chic, cool and friendly with a big love for prints and fun collaborations. The brand uses witty and original ORIGAMI-characters as a statement to prove that you don’t need real animals to create beautiful fashion. The collections are small and concentrated and price-range lies between RRP: 100-200€ The SS19 collection is born out of the love for the colors of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Poster-art, neon lights, diversity, fearlessness and style in a place where you can be anyone The Love Sofie woman is walking […]

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ADOREE the perfect shirt for every occasion

The best way to describe ADOREE is a company that creates perfect shirts in mnay different models and for any occasion immaginable, all in a high quality fabrics. The ADOREE brand was created by a Slovak designer who has been operating in the fashion market for more than 20 years. After long term collaborations with high fashion designers and manufacturers, the designer was inspired to respond to her clients demand who were unsuccesfully looking for quality women’s white shirts. ADOREE mainly brings to the market excellent white shirts for women in highest quality, but also accessories for shirts that are missing on the market and a collection of unique T-shirts is the next step in the company’s agenda. This collections has 10 basic models in different variations but with adding new models constantly. All shirts are precisely designed cuts to highlight the female silhouette but also comfortable throughout the day. The fabrics are exclusively natural, 100% cotton, weaving of the highest quality, produced by traditional technology in Italy. An easy ironing arrangement or Non Iron and a beautiful white color even after frequent washing. Each model can be ordered in any fabric from the fabrics sample card/see materials with a […]

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HERON American shirts made in Italy

HERON, an all American brand Heron men’s shirts combine the high quality of the Italian luxury market with the casual American style. Heron shirts combine easy-to-wear colors, practical fabrics and characteristic casual details of the workmanship in classic models revisited with a modern taste. All fabrics are double-stranded; the shirts have single seams; the latest fashion sweaters; the polo shirts with riveted seams. Heron fills a gap in the market. The price ranges are very interesting compared to the quality of the products. Heron has stock of main and basic items. The parent company also offers a line of contemporary perfumes, Cereus, to any interested sales representatives, but the Heron brand is also available in its own right. Cereus fragrances for men and women are on sale in the best stores, including those in the Barneys New York chain. Established in 2015, Heron Haberdashery is the preeminent shopping destination for high quality men’s sportswear in southern California. In addition to the Heron Haberdashery brand, the store offers best in class brands such as Anderson’s, Belvest, Incotex, Superga, and Zabattigli. Le camicie per uomo Heron coniugano l’elevata qualità della lavorazione del mercato del lusso italiano con lo stile casual americano. Gli […]

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BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA romantic couture

Young Italian brand Bartolotta & Martorana proposes a new vision, romantic garments with a touch of neoclassical combined with technological materials and craftsmanship. Despite their young age, the designers have already been in the spotlight. Winners of numerous fashion contests, the Sicilian Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana are the symbols of the new generation of Italian designers that promise to make their way in the fashion world. Admirers of dramatic, theatrical style of Alexander McQueen, they create exciting garments proving both originality and creativity, but above all with a strong message. Bartolotta & Martorana is a fresh and modern brand. Their dresses are like self-portraits. In perfect balance between dreams and concreteness, between ideal and real. On the other hand, for these two young talents, both graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and with already important experience such as being tailors at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo and the theater of La Scala in Milan.  To them, fashion is the art of communication. This is why their creations escape deliberately to the tide of trends that for a single season all flood, then withdraw quietly leaving the memory behind. Bartolotta & Martorana creates garments that can capture the spirit of […]

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DABRA LONDON – fashion forward statement pieces

DABRA LONDON is a designer label is known for its fashion forward- looking statement pieces which boldly bridge the line between the classic and the directional. The London based British brand is most definitely not for the shy and retiring but for the woman who likes to make an entrance and command her environment before she even speaks. Specializing in head turning dresses, sharp tailoring and outerwear, the label traverses from the use of soft and fluid silhouettes to the architectural cuts played out in vibrant and unusual palettes. The key to the labels success has been its ability to comfortably unite the contradictory elements of history, place and era with the opposing forces of modernity and the progressive. Dabra is where  London edge meets the refined and where the classic meets the streets. The brand’s director Patrick Dabra, an alumni of The London College of Fashion, University of Arts, received some national press attention  very early on in the label’s life, including being hailed as ‘one of Britain’s Hottest designers’, by the Daily Mirror and a listing in The Independent’s ‘Emerging Talent’ column. Deciding to take a more alternative route to most fashion designers, he moved to China and […]

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SANDALAKI – original Greek artisan sandals

SANDALAKI is a brand that creates and produces Greek sandals crafted by the best artisans. The brand characterizes in the epitome of the Greek summer representing the three S’s. Here is a little ore information about them to make you fall in love with this delightful brand. Summer in Greece could not be better represented than by the sea and the waves. Its strong elements are also Sand, Sun and of course, Sandals. This is Greek Summer. With this repetitive S – which is at the same time the original letter of the brand – and the light waving ~  created an iconic logo, which, through the purity of its geometry, communicates in the most chic way the open balcony doors with light curtains which overlook the endless Aegean Sea. Sanδalάki comes from the Greek word “σανδαλάκι” and it means little sandal. Inspired by the minimalism and simplicity of Greek style we design sandals that combine the ancient, Greek tradition with a modern touch. Our philosophy is to combine the casual feel of everyday life with style and fashion. Each pair is exclusively handcrafted in Greece using traditional techniques by local craftsmen and our ultimate goal is to create a […]

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SOPHIA NUBES – sophisticated minimalism

The new collection of the sophisticated clothing of Sophia Nubes stand in the real meaning of “Made in Italy”. To explain the concept, Sophia Nubes teaches us about the real meaning of these words and what they mean for her. The philosophy behind this brand is well rooted in the DNA of Italian craftsmanship. The silent knowledge of the well known “Made in Italy” is something that cannot be taught and nobody will be ever able to copy. There is nothing in between, either you know it or you do not. It is something like the special way of cooking of the Italian mothers and especially grandmothers. The difference between what is good and tasty and what is bad and too rich instead. That is just something that you know without even thinking twice about it. It’s about the feeling. The creations of Sophia Nubes come out of this passion for creating something beautiful and and good and also in the highest quality. This passion drives the brand and the emotion can be found in all of the collection. These clothes are made by passion and are made to make the wearer feel stylish and sexy. A good start of […]

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STRATOM – menswear from Paris

STRATOM Paris a new and cool menswear brand, needless to stay, based in the capital of France. The brand combines contemporary menswear with edgy street wear offering not only an extended ready to wear line but also accessories and shoes. The Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection offers a variety of pieces from oversized winter coats to fur lined puffas, bomber jackets and parkas. The tops and shirts collection offers from military prints and tartan to minimal black and white basics. The sweatshirts are adorned with metal chains and will sure to keep you warm. The pants collection ranges from ripped denim to  more classic cuts. The knitwear, perfect for the colder weather is also a mixture of deconstructed items in classic and pop colors form red an black to colorful greys. All STRATOM Paris items have an edgy and contemporary finish thanks to the accessories used, from oversized zippers and metal chains and straps to fabric cut-outs. The STRATOM man has a cool, edgy personality who is not afraid to show off their avant-garde style, by wearing items that definitely stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to spice up your look and you’re at the beginning, just start by […]

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New HANAA FU origami bags collection

The Hanaa Fu bags are inspired by Japan’s traditional art of paper-folding known as origami. these versatile bags are created by  Takashi Yamamoto. After trying out hundreds and thousands of versions in the course of 5 years, he came up with the idea that is extremely versatile. These bags are fold-able, changing their shape easily thanks to the functional accessories attached. The multiple color and print variations make this a so called IT bag, because  they are both functional and stylish. They allow you to be as creative and as fun as you want to be, changing the shape of your bag depending on your mood and needs. The current stricture of the Hanaa Fu bag is made to be able to change it’s form into 7 different shapes and sizes. The first one is the classic flat tote bag that is perfect to hold document for the day to day activities. The second shape is a large tote with a strong bottom to hold all your stuff at the end of the day in one place. The third shape is perfect for the evening, turning into a smaller, diamond shape mini bag, elegant and practical for going out. The […]

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A stylish contemporary brand with refined materials and high quality manufacturing, this Turkish brand called PERSPECTIVE has got it all. They produce classic pieces with a twist. Their collections include modern day wear  as well as shoes and accessories like belts, bags or hair pieces. The  PERSPECTIVE brand is among the leaders of it’s competitors because of it’s high quality organizational structure formed in world standards. This leading organization stands out because they offer various ready to wear items combined in line with the modern woman’s need, may it be for business life, cocktail parties, specific events and invitations, holidays or just leisure. Their wide variety of clothing offers a great selection for the independent woman. A company that is open to change, PERSPECTIVE expresses their aim to for creativity in parallel with self-refreshment, all the components needed for a modern wardrobe. While the spring summer collection brings bright colors and flower prints mixed with nautical elements, the Fall winter collection considers darker tones and undertones of khaki, bordeaux and navy. \the silhouettes of each collections are refined and elegant. These beautiful look book images show very well the pieces of the collection and  take you to the world of […]

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