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AlbumLeo, elegant and comfortable merino wool shirts

AlbumLeo, elegant and comfortable merino wool shirts

Unique merino wool fabrics

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand AlbumLeo. AlbumLeo is a clothing brand established in 2014, that offers elegant and comfortable shirts made from the finest merino wool fabric. At AlbumLeo, they create stylish and cozy merino wool shirts using the finest merino wool fabric. The Italian tailors from AlbumLeo expertly craft their products, ensuring comfort, durability, and versatility for those with an active lifestyle. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

AlbumLeo offers top-notch shirts perfect for the active urban lifestyle. From the start, they have aimed for the best materials and manufacturing methods to create shirts their customers can proudly wear. That’s why AlbumLeo partnered with Reda, who crafts a unique merino wool fabric. They transport raw fur from New Zealand to their Italian mill, resulting in a fabric that combines merino wool’s best properties with wrinkle resistance, washability, breathability, and strength. The merino wool shirts are 100% Made in Italy, paying attention to every detail, from seams to buttons. They even added hidden light-reflecting tape for safety. When you wear an AlbumLeo shirt, you’re wearing quality designed with care. Made to look and feel your best during your life. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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