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is one of our unique and different sustainable brands. 

The ideology of the brand focuses on avoiding over-production by implementing a genuinely creative production cycle. In the world that we currently live in major brands currently over-produce generating huge amounts of waste, therefore damaging our environment. Altieri’s creative soul focuses on generating and revitalizing.  

Pasquy Altieri started this brand to change the perspective of the fashion world. Fast fashion is highly wasteful due to overproduction. Altieri chose to create a brand that uses the scrap pieces of fabric to turn into one of a kind clothing items. Instead of finding a fabric to fit the design, she creates a new design based off of what fabric is found. The brand creates fashion for everyone. Sustainable, fluid and never seen again. 

The creative and great artisan experience of Altieri’s designer inclines the brand to apply waste and the idea of how it can be used to generate fashion for everyone, developing fluid and sustainable pieces. 

The collections of Altieri are handmade and limited editions. Their unisex sustainable pieces are “fashion for everyone and no one”: since anyone can wear it, and no one will ever have a piece already seen in someone else’s wardrobe. This will make the client feel unique and equal at the same time, it provides all with the opportunity to feel included and special simultaneously. Altieri is a growing and future oriented brand that stands out in so many ways in the fashion industry. 

A fashion for everyone and for no one: anyone can wear it, no one will ever have a piece already seen in the wardrobe or that has never been worn by others. 

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