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Where Tradition Meets Modern

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ANAVO embodies a fusion of cultures, expertly captured in every design, reflecting a unique blend that sets us apart. With a personal touch evident in every detail, from prints to patterns, and threads to trims, ATELIER ANAVO is a testament to our dedication.

From the beginning

From her early days in high school, ANAVO has been synonymous with impeccable style, consistently turning heads and embodying the essence of a timeless designer. With a vision to make a global impact through styles that exude deep-rooted royalty, ANAVO’s journey spans five decades in the textile industry, with a strong foundation in industrial raw materials procurement.


Our enduring partnerships with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and industry experts have paved the way for extraordinary craftsmanship, propelling us towards a future defined by excellence. Following extensive research and development, we proudly introduce our latest innovation: exotic Tomato Leather, perfect for apparel.

As pioneers in the fashion industry, our adoption of sustainable, cruelty-free leather derived from tomatoes marks a triumph for our team. Discover the Tomato Leather styles within our Merino Capsule collection and make a bold statement this winter.

Among our standout pieces is the handcrafted Pashmina Stole from the Autumn Winter’24 Collection, a true gem of the Merino Capsule. Renowned for its unparalleled softness, luxury, and silkiness, Pashmina Wool is often referred to as “GOLD,” making it the epitome of winter elegance.

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