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ASAMI Studio, colorful clothes with unique designs

ASAMI Studio, colorful clothes with unique designs

Italian brand with colorful clothes

Available at Modern Showroom in Italy

We want to introduce you our new brand ASAMI Studio. ASAMI Studio is an Italian brand established in 2015. Since 2015 ASAMI has built a big portfolio and has received a lot of credit for their artistic work. Firtsly, they mainly focus on a sophisticated minimalistic streetwear style with a lot of attention to the shape and cleanliness. Secondly, ASAMI designs the garments to be timeless and classic, to create a unique wardrobe with character. The clothes they make are colorful clothes with unique designs. That is why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

ASAMI Studio was founded by the artist Asami. They create unique designs that are a combination of traditional and modern artistic styles. ASAMI is still growing and expanding, to become more popular ASAMI has had several collaborations with several famous brands and artists. In addition, they find it important to bring creativity to life. ASAMI values sustainability. They strive to use environmentally friendly materials and techniques in their designs and production processes. They commit to a better future and are aware of the impact they can make.

The clothes of ASAMI have a unique and contemporary style. Furthermore, they often combine modern and minimalistic elements together with artistic details. In addition, they pay a lot of attention to the details and make sure everything is perfect. ASAMI Studio uses different fabrics for their designs. They use natural fibers as cotton, silk and linen, but they also use synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. They carefully choose their fabrics to match every design and strive for quality and comfort in their colorful clothes. The inspiration of ASAMI comes from a perspective of attention to the environment, they first choose the materials and make the designs after. All their products are made in Italy. ASAMI produces the clothes from high quality materials and will last for a lifetime.

The vision of ASAMI is to bring art and fashion together to create unique, expressive creations. They strive to inspire people and foster a sense of individuality and self-expression through their designs. The mission of ASAMI is to have a positive impact on the fashion industry while creating artistic designs. The collections have a lot of color and all the pieces have unique designs. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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