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PRESS DAYS at the new venue

A long weekend in sight, the sign of the Modern-showroom overview. Our aim is to promote our brands with the support of the press and get more visibility along the route between SS and AW. #moda #milano # PE20 # ai20 #showroom #press #blogger We have great chances to succeed in the international markets thanks to a value of design in perfect match with the retail prices. Our brands to name few: @ANDREA TESSI @BABYMOH @CHRISTINE BI @LULUDEPALUZA @IVY-GROOVY @BUSSOLA @COFUR @HENRY-DANIE-ROMA @LEONORA @ANUSHE’- PIRANI @DIVISIONE-PROTAGONISTA @LA-FABBRI @RAIAN-T-RYAN are all valid projects to enter in a smart way in the best doors as competence of Designers, making, visions , we hope to receive the same passionate support form, journalists as our brands deserve it  

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Atelier Minimalist not only clothes but art and design DNA

Founder Dorsa Mohadjerin,  She is born in Tehran and raised in Belgium. Her family is a very artistic with a lot of talents. From a young age, she used her materials as tools for investigating the creative process.With an appreciation for art and design, as well as a professional consulting career, she began to translate this love for exploration into her work with wearable arts – fashion and textile – at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Atelier Minimalist was founded in 2017.  Atelier Minimalist offers seasonless luxery clothing for women who appreciate contrast and duality. Simple yet confident lines and wearable, comfortable fabrics combine with exquisite tailoring to produce unique pieces that are meant to be worn and loved for years. Atelier Minimalist was born out of the idea that clothing should be designed with timelessness in mind. 

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CHRISTINE BI the sparkling and magical evenings in Miami

CHRISTINE BI, The inspiration of the collection comes from the idea of ​​a colourful and sparkling Miami that is the perfect frame for the holidays and the daily life of the woman Christine B , collection SS 2020. The collection is structured to satisfy the desires and needs of a dynamic client, ready to move from office to enjoy happy hours. The color chart ranges is quite wide, from neutral tones such as milky white and sand, perfect for strong and fresh monochromatic looks, to the precious gold-on-linen coatings and the light lurex touches. The coral and fuchsia are of impact for dresses and suits with new and unexpected cuts with black that makes the perfect shaped jacket with the different volumes of bottom in the collection, this will be the iconic items. The customized Allover prints plays with the elements of the happy hours in Miami beach: colourful cocktails, palms, stars and stilettos, create a bubbly art-work, on fluttering dresses and tops. The light of the paillettes, the brilliant tulle and the precious patches of palm trees make the idea of ​​sparkling and magical evenings in Miami.

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Valentina Poltronieri inspired by far greatest passion for fashion

she attended a three-years course in Fashion Design at the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milan, where she started settling in the industry, expressing her interest and becoming a pattern maker. Her creation process is constantly inspired by far greatest passion: travel, architecture (especially the Rationalism, Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau movements), contemporary art, cinema and theatre. In February 2017, her big dream finally came true. She founded her namesake, label, working very hard on her first official collection, Spring-Summer 2018, that will be shown to the Italian Press on the 24th of October in Milan. He worked for a manufacturing company in Vigevano carrying out the work of stylist for the internal line of the company “Scarlet” and which follows the production details.In addition to the preparation and development of the Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter collections, Valentina tries to win over the public by making fashion contests (Fashion Talent Lab; Italian Fashion Talent Awards; Premio Moda Città dei Sassi; Taomoda) and tries to become a part of the Italian and international fashion system thanks to the usual appointment of Camera Giovani Fashion Designer, in May at the beautiful Francesco Cilea Theatre of Reggio Calabria.Now Valentina is more […]

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Dorinne Negrau & His Vocabulary of Fashion

While attending Pharmacy school in Romania, Dorin Negrau came to the realization that fashion and beauty were his passions; as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Therefore, he quickly dropped out and switched his focus into fashion by creating collections. In contrast to most designers, Dorin Negrau intends to honor the everyday woman. His designs are suitable for all body types and is meant to be inclusive. As his collections began to grow, he’s expanded his availability throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. In addition to his collections, he also has his own set of vocabulary in order to describe the garments. To name a few; “bedouin,” meaning “the desire to travel, self discover and find the free spirit in  the eternal search;” “bossa,” defined as, “a sexless lifestyle filled with sensuality;” and “ella” which means, “a volcanic explosion of angels in our life.” All of these words, and more symbolize and define his collections.

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Esse – Twin Designed Daywear

Esse, a Milan based brand, started by twin sisters with the desire to express their complimentary personalities through their collection. Within their Fall Winter 2020 collection, color blocking and symmetry are prominent designs and concepts. The color scheme mainly shows neutral colors; black, white, navy, and gray, with a small pop of green and maroon. However, the silhouettes vary a bit more. Not only are there fit and flares, but Esse also has slender fit silhouettes, as well as A-line dresses. These different silhouettes offer the perfect shape for every body type. In addition to the silhouettes, the necklines of the garments vary as well. They range from turtlenecks, to boat necks, to V-neck cuts. Therefore, the sophisticated day wear of Esse is designed for all kinds of women with all body types. The dynamic duo of twin sisters merged their styles together in order to create this simplistic, modern collection.

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Connexion – The French Riviera Touch

Connexion, a collection born from Akhesa, a brand of rich history from the French Riviera. After founding in 1998, the brand represents femininity, elegance, adventure, and sensuality. By taking natural and authentic materials from all over the world, Akhesa is a leader in leather and fur design. The brand focuses on creating looks that are for the modern woman and all occasions. Whether the garment is for the day or night, a chic or casual outfit; Akhesa and now, Connexion, have the proper jacket or coat. With that being said, the most recent collection from Connexion is completely on trend. Connexion’s quality fur is paired with popular colors and prints. Gold and neutral tones are paired together, as well as alongside leopard print. Within the past few months, animal prints were and huge trend and do not show any signs of stopping. In contrast to those, cooler tones of blue and silver are in a color blocking pattern. The latest collection is fashion forward complete with the animal print trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. With the combination of trending colors and prints, and the craftsmanship of Akhesa, Connexion’s collection is perfect for the A/W 19-20 season. […]

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Charlotte London – Redefining the Blazer

Forget the common thought that a blazer is all work and no play. The London-based brand, Charlotte London, is here to show that blazers are a fool-proof accessory to any outfit. Charlotte London’s aim is “to bring a little fun, elegance, and glamour into everyday life.” That being said, her wide variations of blazers perfectly portray that. Between the materials, styles, colors, and prints there is a blazer or jacket available for any look and occasion. Throughout the brand’s multitude of look books, the versatility of the blazers is prominent. Different major cities are paired with the looks. In particular, Palm Beach, New York, London, and Shanghai, to name a few. Each look book fully displays how blazers themselves transition from day to night. Therefore, whether the blazer is worn to work, as a playful accessory, or the perfect addition to a happy-hour look, Charlotte London has plenty of options. Charlotte London is all about adding a hint of London posh to every outfit, and these blazers do just that. Although throwing on a blazer may seem a part of the day-to-day routine, with Charlotte London’s blazers, they take an ordinary outfit and add elegance and glamour to any ensemble.

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La Ritz – Fantasy Meets Creativity

“The difference lies in the details” is founder of La Ritz, Valetina’s, motto. Her passion furthered her to launch the brand, La Ritz, named after her mother’s nickname. Using the finest craftsmanship to create T-shirts, natural yarns, and hand sewn appliques, and trimmings all come together to finalize the looks. The brand strives to create a sense of adventure in their newest collection. Therefore, a more basic silhouette complements the yarn work. Whether that is used as fringe on the sleeves, down the shoulder, or around the collar. In addition to the copious amounts of tops the brand creates, there are also a few mini and maxi dresses. These dresses are complete with the fringe work typical of the company. One set of mini dresses is complete with neon fringe, colors that are in style for the season. To conclude, the brand creates unique garments with materials found from all over the world.

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Toutouse – Quality Knitwear Since 1955

Toutouse, derived from the brand, Gold Knit, which combines modern and traditional knitwear. Gold Knit, founded by Flavio and Maria Luigia in 1955. Later on, in 1972, after a trip to New York City, Flavio and Maria started Toutouse. New York’s innovation and dynamic qualities were the inspiration for this new brand. Toutouse focuses on the cutting edge trends in knitwear and produces them with the utmost of quality. Their most recent collection has fun and trending patterns like a zebra print and tribal print. Combining these fashion forward patterns with high quality knitwear is a recipe for success for this brand.

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