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BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA romantic couture

BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA romantic couture

Young Italian brand Bartolotta & Martorana proposes a new vision. The vision is romantic garments with a touch of neoclassical combined with technological materials and craftsmanship.
Despite their young age, the designers have already been in the spotlight. Winners of numerous fashion contests, the Sicilian Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana. Those are the symbols of the new generation of Italian designers that promise to make their way in the fashion world.

Admirers of the dramatic, theatrical style of Alexander McQueen. Therefore, they create exciting garments proving both originality and creativity, but above all with a strong message.

Bartolotta & Martorana is a fresh and modern brand. Their dresses are like self-portraits. In perfect balance between dreams and concreteness, between ideal and real. To them, fashion is the art of communication.

Romantic Couture

This is why their creations escape deliberately to the tide of trends that for a single season all flood. Then they withdraw quietly leaving the memory behind. Bartolotta & Martorana creates garments that can capture the spirit of the moment and what often is not what it seems. It takes courage and a considerable spirit of observation to be able to look beyond the surface of things. Moreover, that is often revealed to be a magical and deforming mirror
of reality.
Their commitment is to look for the heart of this soul and then show us the true face by portraying it. Without a doubt portraying it in absolutely true and profound creations. The future is boldly and overwhelming, because today as yesterday. They are always able to add something absolutely new and important to the international fashion scene.

Supported by a superfine sartorial technique. Also, heirs of that Beautiful and Ben Done marked the history of Italian fashion with its very high craftsmanship. Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana are the symbol of the young Made in Italy quality that looks with renewed optimism to its future.


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