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Blake Mill

Blake Mill

A company that only design shirts for man

Donna Karan once coined the quote, “I design what I feel is missing from my closet.” A quote the UK-based team at Blake Mill took to heart, whether they knew it or not. A small group of people who walked to the beat of their own drum felt the typical and mundane patterned shirts were not to their caliber. That being said, this sparked the idea for Blake Mill, a shirt design company that pushes limits and creates high-quality shirts for all occasions, with a large emphasis on customer service and ethical production.

As stated on their website, the team at Blake Mill is a group compiled of perfectionists, explaining why the company only designs shirts. If they are going to make something, it will be the best they can possibly make. “Subtle” shirts are designed for men who enjoy the whimsicality of the prints, but are not ready to take the plunge into the contrasting “Bold” line of shirts. The “Bold” shirt line consists of patterns inspired from nature, science, and the world around them, and are daring prints that will stand out in any crowd. Blake Mill has done its best to appeal to both the shy male, and the ostentatious male.

Not only is Blake Mill dedicated to the perfecting of shirts, they are also devoted to the environment, and their customer service skills. Black Mill has made a tremendous effort to make sure their shirts are produced in ethical environments, where workers are treated with respect and take part in worker empowerment programs. Last, but certainly not least, Blake Mill values its customers to the extreme. They refuse to let their customers sit on the phone for long minutes at a time to speak with a representative. The customer service team is attentive and ready to serve and deliver as quickly as they can.

Overall, a small team of people from the United Kingdom is ready to take the world by storm with their vibrant, patterned shirts; embodying British poet, Blake Mill’s sense of individuality. Their attention to ethical fashion is something we will see continue to increase within the fashion industry for years to come.

Editorial pictures were taken from HERE, more company information can be found at the HERE.

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