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BRVN by Bravian, techwear and a new spirit

BRVN by Bravian, techwear and a new spirit

BRVN and there new look on techwear and sustainability

Available at Modern Showroom in Italy

We want to introduce you our new brand BRVN by Bravian. Starting from a legacy of over 35 years- since 1986 BRVN has been designing and crafting military uniforms and workwear. Moreover, BRVN focusses on techwear and a new spirit. Most importantly, they work with premium quality materials and have skilled employers who work with the highest attention to detail. They also pay a lot of attention to sustainability. That’s why we of modern showroom are targeting this brand.

BRVN pays a lot of attention to sustainability. Firstly, they produce clothes that last for a very long time. Secondly, the sustainability is based on three different pillars. These are raw materials, a legacy of technical knowledge and small production. Above all, BRVN has the 3R standards policy, this is reduce, reuse and recycle. Most importantly, BRVN gave a twist to it and they call the 3R’s: long lasting, low maintenance and low impact. They believe in slow fashion and encourage people to buy less and buy better. The mission of BRVN is to give techwear an new spirit. Furthermore, they want is to be bolder and more beautiful. They create casual pieces as authentic as possible. It is the perfect fit between technicality, experimentation and creativity. As a result, the garments have the highest standards in materials and craftmanship. BRVN represents the spirit to be brave.

BRVN has a new look on techwear. Firstly, they take the tactical prowess and rugged resistance of military uniforms and technical workwear. Secondly, they turn it into new designs. BRVN has different kinds of designs like, bold designs and trendsetting designs. They want to radiate to be authentic and fearless. They want to tell people that they can make it through challenges. With this they want to make a statement and generate a positive impact.

BRVN believes in a small production at local places. They only produce clothes if the market demands it and produce in small batches. They have an ethical working environment. Everything from BRVN is either reused or recycled. In example all the folders and cardboards. The package they make can people use agaian and the materials they use have a certified label. The new collection is about Utopia, where people want to go. It’s about when the digital world is disconnected from reality, it is imperfection. To view the new collection, visit our showroom online.

http://modernshowroom.com/ , https://modernshowroom.com/portfolio/brvn-by-bravian/ , https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=techwear

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