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February 13, 2023 by Denisha Ramnahn Fashion Brands 0



Small family business become MULTI COMPANY

Introduction the family business CAMMISOTTO

It all started with the small family of Giuseppe, who has bult a company from the ground until now. In 1980 a small business dedicated to the shoes world. Since the begin, it has been a landmark for the local élite, mostly thanks to the high quality of the offered products.

Mr. Giuseppe, with his wife, has been able to broadcast his passion to his three kids. They, growing up, have recognized the potentiality of their activity and, answering also to the requests of their clients, decided to turn the business mission since 1999, with clothing and accessories.

They have been able to put the family business on the luxury world turning it so, that the little commercial reality into a real and proper high fashion boutique.

Today the Cammisotto boutique keeps this impront, skillfully combining the research on the lines and the attention to the client, to whom is proposed a purchase experience without equals.

The business also grow further and started to have it’s own home line, for decorating houses.

They have only a online web shop so you can find the items there. They ship it all over the world so everybody can buy there clothing or shoes or home products.

The Instagram and Facebook account;

Instagram: cammisottoboutique

Facebook: Cammisotto Boutique

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