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Rouba G – An Ode to Femininity

The self-titled brand of Rouba G provides clothing that emphasizes femininity and individuality. Through flowing fabrics, to lace and leather, all collections take pride in womanhood. After graduating from Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design in England, with a Vogue Fashion Certificate, Rouba G hit the ground running. However, she faced multiple rounds of rejection for being “off-beat.” That being said, in 2015 Rouba G decided to create her own brand. That being said, their most recent collection, “Earth,” pays homage to the beautiful neutral colors. However, “Earth” also focuses on the environmental dangers and impacts of recent years. With the description reminding those of the loss of color in our world and our environment. The collection is as described, “a call to save a fading planet.” Considering the state of the world’s environment, many public figures are taking stances in order to help save the environment. Therefore, this collection highlights such beauty of what used to be Earth. The garments flow and have movement, just as the ways of nature. Select dresses have embellishments that sparkle the way water does when it hits the light. Within the “Earth” collection, each garment was carefully crafted and thought out. Rouba […]

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La Fabbri – Bags are a Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” has not met La Fabbri’s collection of “Friends.” Bags in the La Fabbri brand all have a name, style, and personality. While using this methodology, women choose bags according to their personal style and what they want their bag to portray. For example, various styles of the bags range from the fashion forward “Morgan,” the sporty “Gyn,” the romantic “Giulia,” and more. La Fabbri designs each bag with the various feelings a woman can feel every day. Therefore, she can then choose which bag represents her feelings. Not only are the bags made with excellent style, but quality materials as well. With every bag, the shape and architecture is studied meticulously. In addition to the craftsmanship of the architecture, the leather used is handmade. For instance, on La Fabbri’s website, the artisans of La Fabbri sew the bags on a wooden form. Specifically, this is a traditional Italian craft, in which, makes every bag unique. That being said, not only are La Fabbri bags considered a “Friend,” but they are re a lifelong friend made of quality materials and genuine leather. FOR SHOWROOM APPOINTMENT VISIT THIS PAGE

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My Sunday Morning – Brand Profile

“After making us travelling through a bohemian chic fantasy for 8 years, the French designer of the well-known brand Virginie Castaway, Virginie Guarisco finally put down her suitcases full of memories and freedom to create independently her second label. A road story that ends up on a sunny Sunday morning, giving birth to a brand influenced by force, purity and authenticity: my Sunday Morning… My Sunday Morning is a generous, lavish and delicate collection, using strong and well balanced printed fabrics. A sense of awakening is invoked through the tender stitching and airy, flowing models while transparent fabrics allow us to discover the body veiled beauty. Touching on themes of renewal and independence, Virginie Guarisco reconnects with her Australian roots giving us essential and creative fashion in a simple way. The label uses exclusive printed tissues from Italy and the main part of the production is made in Europe. The line will be distributed exclusively through multibrand stores & boutiques in France and internationally. A website showcasing the label will be online in January, in time for the launch of the Spring Summer 2015 collection.”   Brand Profile and other information can be found HERE.

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TOLLÍO Designers Profile

Designer’s profile Maria Grazia Tollío has been operating in the world of high fashion since more than twenty years and has worked for some of the most iconic Italian brands, including Fendi, Laura Biagiotti, Byblos and Dolce&Gabbana. After graduating from the Istituto Secoli in Milan, she has followed a career path rich of innovative experiences, which allowed her to work side by side with some of the best designers and pathmakers, thus learning the most advanced techniques and the distinguished Italian craftsmanship. Tollío is a dream that originates from a secret passion of an art-loving woman, inspired by Italian paintings, poetry and music. Shapes fluctuate to recreate an exclusive sense of refined passion and contemporary elegance, just like in an Italian masterpiece. A confident, independent woman wears our love for arts and our passion for the Italian heritage. She has a strong and versatile personality, which is reflected in her exclusive and contemporary wardrobe: sometimes fancy and joyful, whereas other times more romantic and imaginative.  

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Dimitar Dradi search for a constant Wonder….

“Interprets fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder.” Dimitar Dradi born in Bulgaria on 10.01.1991 His concept of art reflects his determined character, curious and full of inventiveness and creativity. The designer considers Fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder. These approaches translate into the sculpture dresses of the THE CROWN OF LOVE collection, made of paper and eco-leather with the art of origami. The large volumes are inspired by the African fetish. The same was already published in December 2015 on Yute Magazine. But also in the TV Dimitar have a great resonance and visibility! This is the rich excursus of participations and awards: May 2016 winner of the talent show “Accademia della Moda” by Gianni Molaro on TV Rai 2 in the “Detto Fatto” broadcast. July 2016 first place in the “Moda Città della Cascata” competition, Isola del Liri. September 2016: winner of the “Fashion Camera National Young Fashion Designers’ Award during Milan Fashion Week – October 2016 he participated in the final evening of the” Mia Martini Award “in Bagnara Calabra. – “Musa D’Argento National Award” award for the Fashion section. October 2016- first runner up “Creativity […]

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BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA romantic couture

Young Italian brand Bartolotta & Martorana proposes a new vision, romantic garments with a touch of neoclassical combined with technological materials and craftsmanship. Despite their young age, the designers have already been in the spotlight. Winners of numerous fashion contests, the Sicilian Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana are the symbols of the new generation of Italian designers that promise to make their way in the fashion world. Admirers of dramatic, theatrical style of Alexander McQueen, they create exciting garments proving both originality and creativity, but above all with a strong message. Bartolotta & Martorana is a fresh and modern brand. Their dresses are like self-portraits. In perfect balance between dreams and concreteness, between ideal and real. On the other hand, for these two young talents, both graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and with already important experience such as being tailors at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo and the theater of La Scala in Milan.  To them, fashion is the art of communication. This is why their creations escape deliberately to the tide of trends that for a single season all flood, then withdraw quietly leaving the memory behind. Bartolotta & Martorana creates garments that can capture the spirit of […]

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DABRA LONDON – fashion forward statement pieces

DABRA LONDON is a designer label is known for its fashion forward- looking statement pieces which boldly bridge the line between the classic and the directional. The London based British brand is most definitely not for the shy and retiring but for the woman who likes to make an entrance and command her environment before she even speaks. Specializing in head turning dresses, sharp tailoring and outerwear, the label traverses from the use of soft and fluid silhouettes to the architectural cuts played out in vibrant and unusual palettes. The key to the labels success has been its ability to comfortably unite the contradictory elements of history, place and era with the opposing forces of modernity and the progressive. Dabra is where  London edge meets the refined and where the classic meets the streets. The brand’s director Patrick Dabra, an alumni of The London College of Fashion, University of Arts, received some national press attention  very early on in the label’s life, including being hailed as ‘one of Britain’s Hottest designers’, by the Daily Mirror and a listing in The Independent’s ‘Emerging Talent’ column. Deciding to take a more alternative route to most fashion designers, he moved to China and […]

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SOPHIA NUBES – sophisticated minimalism

The new collection of the sophisticated clothing of Sophia Nubes stand in the real meaning of “Made in Italy”. To explain the concept, Sophia Nubes teaches us about the real meaning of these words and what they mean for her. The philosophy behind this brand is well rooted in the DNA of Italian craftsmanship. The silent knowledge of the well known “Made in Italy” is something that cannot be taught and nobody will be ever able to copy. There is nothing in between, either you know it or you do not. It is something like the special way of cooking of the Italian mothers and especially grandmothers. The difference between what is good and tasty and what is bad and too rich instead. That is just something that you know without even thinking twice about it. It’s about the feeling. The creations of Sophia Nubes come out of this passion for creating something beautiful and and good and also in the highest quality. This passion drives the brand and the emotion can be found in all of the collection. These clothes are made by passion and are made to make the wearer feel stylish and sexy. A good start of […]

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STRATOM – menswear from Paris

STRATOM Paris a new and cool menswear brand, needless to stay, based in the capital of France. The brand combines contemporary menswear with edgy street wear offering not only an extended ready to wear line but also accessories and shoes. The Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection offers a variety of pieces from oversized winter coats to fur lined puffas, bomber jackets and parkas. The tops and shirts collection offers from military prints and tartan to minimal black and white basics. The sweatshirts are adorned with metal chains and will sure to keep you warm. The pants collection ranges from ripped denim to  more classic cuts. The knitwear, perfect for the colder weather is also a mixture of deconstructed items in classic and pop colors form red an black to colorful greys. All STRATOM Paris items have an edgy and contemporary finish thanks to the accessories used, from oversized zippers and metal chains and straps to fabric cut-outs. The STRATOM man has a cool, edgy personality who is not afraid to show off their avant-garde style, by wearing items that definitely stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to spice up your look and you’re at the beginning, just start by […]

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New HANAA FU origami bags collection

The Hanaa Fu bags are inspired by Japan’s traditional art of paper-folding known as origami. these versatile bags are created by  Takashi Yamamoto. After trying out hundreds and thousands of versions in the course of 5 years, he came up with the idea that is extremely versatile. These bags are fold-able, changing their shape easily thanks to the functional accessories attached. The multiple color and print variations make this a so called IT bag, because  they are both functional and stylish. They allow you to be as creative and as fun as you want to be, changing the shape of your bag depending on your mood and needs. The current stricture of the Hanaa Fu bag is made to be able to change it’s form into 7 different shapes and sizes. The first one is the classic flat tote bag that is perfect to hold document for the day to day activities. The second shape is a large tote with a strong bottom to hold all your stuff at the end of the day in one place. The third shape is perfect for the evening, turning into a smaller, diamond shape mini bag, elegant and practical for going out. The […]

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