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CHRISTINE B and magical evenings in Miami

CHRISTINE B and magical evenings in Miami

CHRISTINE B, The inspiration for the collection comes from the idea of ​​a colorful and sparkling Miami. That is the perfect frame for the holidays and the daily life of the woman Christine B, collection SS 2020.

The collection is structured to satisfy the desires and needs of a dynamic client. A client ready to move from the office to enjoy happy hours.

The color chart ranges are quite wide. From neutral tones such as milky white and sand, perfect for strong and fresh monochromatic looks. To the precious gold-on-linen coatings and the light lurex touches. The coral and fuchsia are of impact for dresses and suits with new and unexpected cuts with black that makes the perfect shaped jacket with the different volumes of bottom in the collection, this will be the iconic items.

The customized Allover prints play with the elements of the happy hours on Miami beach: colorful cocktails, palms, stars, and stilettos, create a bubbly artwork, on fluttering dresses and tops.

The light of the paillettes, the brilliant tulle, and the precious patches of palm trees

make the idea of ​​sparkling and magical evenings in Miami.

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