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Clara 8A, sustainable clothes inspired by art, music and nature

Clara 8A, sustainable clothes inspired by art, music and nature

Sustainable clothes made from recycled bottles

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Clara 8A. Clara 8A is a sustainable designer brand inspired by art and music based in Miami. The love for the planet is what drives Clara 8A. They create sustainable clothes and eco-friendly outfits using recycled bottles. Clara 8A has a lot of stunning unisex pieces for everyone. Their goal is to become the world’s best ethical clothing brand. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

Clara 8A designs unique unisex clothes, inspired by nature, art and music like James Brown, Gene Kelly, Huey Lewis and the News. The designer of Clara 8A is Clara Ochoa. She is a talented designer with a passion for sustainability and ethical fashion. She incorporates her love for nature, art and music into the brand’s colorful and unique designs. Clara Ochoa uses recycled bottles for her garments and this showcases her dedication to creating a positive impact on the fashion industry.

The new collection from Clara 8A is all about vibrant colors, unique patterns, and ethical fashion. The designs are stunning unisex outfits inspired by Clara Ochoa. The sustainable clothes have unique patterns and a lot of color. The collection is stylish and also environmentally conscious, because this is something that is very important for Clara 8A. Clara 8A will always continue to make a change in the fashion industry. To view the new collection, visit our showroom online.

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