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May 18, 2023 by Modern Press Fashion Brands 0

Classicharms Is Work Of Art

Classicharms Is Work Of Art

Fashion brand

Classicharms is a designer fashion brand established in Canada in 2021. It is the result of a balanced combination of the creative and real worlds, working together towards the powerful statement of empowering women and treating themselves to everyday luxury. Classicharms always hopes to bring positivity and optimism during the current and potentially challenging times. Classicharms dedicates our creations to the individuality and brilliance of modern women around the world who shares an equal passion for ethical semi-fine jewelry.

Classic vintage

Our unique design combines a contemporary sense with a classic vintage twist to bring out your inner feminine, sophistication, elegance, personality, and confidence.

Our Value

Minimalist /Quality / Timeless / Conscious living / Minimalist design and high-quality products create our timeless Classicharms Jewelry.
Classicharms stands for our point of view: We should have concerns about the environment and social impact when we make purchasing decisions. Buying less & buying better to re-evaluate our lifestyle. Direct Web site: https://www.classicharms.com

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