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November 13, 2019 by David Beltran Brands, Spring Summer 0

Cofur, from vintage to new updated look

Cofur, from vintage to new updated look

Since Gitte Henriksen was a child, she has visited flea markets and shops. She has always been fascinated in the “flash back”, that is hidden in old items. The story and the events the old furniture and items have lived through and the effect of the patina interests her. When she was young and stayed at my parents farm in the North Jutland she began during her teenage year to find old furniture’s and restored them and my first apartment, when she left home, she was very personally decorated with a collection of wicker furniture’s combined with old furniture she have restored.

The transformation from vintage to new updated look has always been an exciting process and during many years she tried to make this as a way of living in an environment, where she can express the process and share the transformation with others who also find joy by the term that is hidden in conversion from old to new version.

She has stayed 2 years in Bangkok and during this stay she found a lot inspiration in furniture’s, silk design fashion and home wear.

Her interest for design and interior has been my hobby during many years and besides that she have been working in a bank and real estate business, but now she finally have got the possibility to make the dream come true with Kim Henriksen, who is a fantastic mentor and driving force in the company qua his big experience with other innovative companies, which he has had great success with. The combination of them kills is a perfect match and our common energy, ideas and drive never stands still.

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