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October 20, 2018 by Modern Press Video 0

Dana Svorova Dressing Sofia Vasheruk

Dana Svorova Dressing Sofia Vasheruk

The Sound of Fashion – when the Fashion becomes Art

The fashion designer and aesthetician Dana Svorova “dress the music”. But what have in common fashion and music? “It is a deep aesthetic concept. The creation of unique pieces able to excite the people producing beauty”. Dana’s ambitious project has been realized: during the event of Palermo Classica – Palermo 2018 – the Italian Capital of Culture – Palermo Composers Concerto she dressed the famous pianist Sofia Vasheruk. Other famous pianists of the international classical music scene as Rexa Han, Nadejda Tzanova, Anastasia Hupmann will perform soon in the upcoming concerts with clothes created by Dana Svorova Couture for the event.


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