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August 14, 2022 by Modern Press 0


Caterina D. FW 23-24 preview home and leisure clothing from our facebook page you’ll see home and leisure clothing made up of different series. Caterina D is an exclusive collection of homewear and outerwear clothing, whose particularity is practicality and comfort. The fabrics used for the Summer and Winter collections guarantee maximum comfort and adapt to different types of physicality. This collection is destined to all those women called to play more roles during their day and therefore want to feel suitable for the diversity of situations that from morning to night have to face. To women with an easy-chic lifestyle who want to feel good at all times with a dress. You choose a Caterina D’ Dress in the morning, when you’re in a hurry and you have no time to think about what to wear; Caterina D it’s the dress you bring in your hand luggage for an out of town weekend, because you know it’ll be perfect; It’s also the dress you wear on Friday morning to go to work, cause you never know how the evening could end. The dresses of Caterina D. are the clothes suitable for the fast lives of today’s women. All the collections […]
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