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JEF quality, elegance and comfort

JEF quality, elegance and comfort

 JEF is a proud Portuguese brand   >Established in 2019<

More than a brand, JEF is a way of celebrating lusophony and multiculturalism.

It’s about going beyond borders, getting out of the comfort zone and conquering the world. This is our essence. This is our commitment to our partners and customers.

Going the extra mile to guarantee quality and satisfaction to our consumers and partners and, at the same time, inspire them to go further, conquer their dreams and continue our mission around the world.

We’re a tribute to Lusophony and multiculturalism. This is our essence.

We’re born from the dream of creating much more than clothing.

Much more than producing clothes with quality, elegance and comfort, we want people to wear pieces that reflect emotions, portuguese pride, aesthetic concerns and, above all, pieces that last over time.



We believe that consumers have the power to change the world.

Sustainability is part of our DNA, not only to preserve the environment but also from an economic and social point of view.

Buying quality means buying sustainability.

We’re increasingly incorporating this philosophy into our collections by valuing the quality of the materials so that the consumer buys less and contributes to a greater respect for workers and to the reduction of waste and pollution.

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