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MAISON NICA, genderless clothes

MAISON NICA, genderless clothes

Genderless clothes made with sustainability in mind

Genderless clothes available at Modern Showroom

Maison Nica is all about the genderless concept. Their slogan is ‘’Understand and love everyone’’. Their mission is to make women more masculine and men more feminine. With the clothes they capture the opposite sex, attracting different views worldwide. The items are practical and have different patterns that are decorative, elegant and architectural.

The clothes of Maison Nica are made with sustainability in mind. They have taken different measures to contribute to the environmental sustainability. For example, they use a fabric named Platex. It is a domestically produced, 100% eco-friendly fabric and it comes from recycled plastic waste that is collected within the country. One of the collections is about living in a divided nation. It represents a peaceful situation where the Korean Peninsula is reunified and free from division and conflict. It represents hope. The new collection is about a fictional second Earth. The collection aims to inform people about the seriousness of environmental problems by showing global warming and environmental pollution problems which is based on the Gaia theory. The Gaia theory is about God Gaia who created a new earth.


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