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March 3, 2020 by Modern Press Video 0

DEKO’Z the must-have pieces

DEKO’Z the must-have pieces

DEKO’Z conceives to bring the trendy wardrobe to our fashion minded women day in and day out. Styles offer are always the must-have pieces that won’t bust one’s wallet. The fabric, colour & fit that will not only look good in the photos, but they will look better when our women put them on. We want you to feel proud of having owned our products.

With its inception in 1996, DEKO’Z is affiliated with a premier multinational trading company engaged in multiple aspects of apparel work including: design, manufacturing, distributing and retailing. Headquarter in Hong Kong with established offices in New York, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. The brand has been operating in several department stores and shops in Hong Kong. The Management decides in 2016 that to bring the most value to customers, the selling platform has to change. DEKO’Z is now on line!

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