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DELPHINE CHARLOTTE PARMENTIER is a certified Jeweler Brand with a career among the jewels

Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier first tries styling through her studies at the studio Berçot. Graduated in 1989, she is quickly caught up with her first vocation, jewels; passion instilled by his grandparents Raymond and Geneviève Parmentier. As a child, her grandparents’ studio of high-end fashion buttons and accessories rhythms her Wednesday afternoons. Bathed in a universe of creation and craftsmanship, she develops her imagination and her desire for excellence.

Naturally oriented towards this path, his career begins with jewelry collections for high-fashion houses rather than clothing. What better experimental ground for a young designer? It is in a world of exceptional know-how and creative freedom that Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier bases the foundations of her profession and forges her talent as a stylist. This brand is of course certified jewelry

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