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Henry Daniel Jewels is a privately held British luxury jeweller and jewellery designer group founded in 2015. The company sources diamonds and other gemstones, and designs its own range of jewellery.

Beyond of the beauty of the diamonds and stones, the design of the jewels is also important.

Luxury and elegand define Henry Daniel Jewellery.
Thus, the brand ensures that fine quality is at the heart of every piece in every collection. Materials including shimmering diamonds, colourful precious stones, 18 carat gold plated sterling silver, gold and rose gold.

Every handcrafted item is laboured over with great care, from delicate bracelets to chunky bangles, from crystal adorned earrings to statement necklaces. Indeed, every item in the “Prestige Collection” and “Diamond Collection” is truly special.

For her new collection, H.D.J modernise her shapes and design but still keep precious materials and high quality.

Then, Feminine, elegant and modern the collection will to reach a broader customer base with her large line of jewels. Hence, every piece is readily adaptable to the customers individual ideas and tastes.

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