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Dimitar Dradi search for a constant Wonder….

Dimitar Dradi search for a constant Wonder….

“Interprets fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder.”

Dimitar Dradi was born in Bulgaria. Therefore, his concept of art reflects his determined character, curious and full of inventiveness and creativity. Along with his personality, the designer considers Fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder. Moreover, these approaches translate into the sculpture dresses of the THE CROWN OF LOVE collection. Additionally, the CROWN OF LOVE collection is made of paper and eco-leather with the art of origami. The large volumes are inspired by the African fetish. The same was already published in December 2015 on Yute Magazine.


But also in the TV Dimitar Dradi have a great resonance and visibility! This is the rich excursus of participation and awards:

  • May 2016 winner of the talent show “Accademia della Moda” by Gianni Molaro on TV Rai 2 in the “Detto Fatto” broadcast.
  • July 2016 first place in the “Moda Città della Cascata” competition, Isola del Liri.
  • September 2016: winner of the “Fashion Camera National Young Fashion Designers’ Award during Milan Fashion Week
  • October 2016 he participated in the final evening of the” Mia Martini Award “in Bagnara Calabra.
  • October 2016 “Musa D’Argento National Award” award for the Fashion section.
  • Autumn 2016 first runner up “Creativity at Brindal Fashion Aword” of Catanzaro Personal collection on Yute magazine, “Hello Spacegirls!”
  • January 2017 Vogue Upload Your Talent.
  • Participation MODARTE at the National Archaeological Museum Naples February 2017.
  • Participation PolimodaPeople at Polimoda Firenze FashionExibition (best student) March 2017.
  • Awarded National Camera Young Fashion Design May 2017. MODARTE at NATO Base Naples May 2017.
  • Opinion on the new format of SKY TV Top The Top Maggio2017.
  • Participation awards Città dei Sassi Fashion 2017 in Matera June 2017.
  • FASHION PUGLIA DESIGN Emerging fashion kermesse for young designers winner 1st runner up and Criticism August 2017.
  • Participation awards HERACLEA (Policoro) August 2017. Participation TOP FASHION MODEL and awarded with Fashion Award 2017
  • September 2017: member of the Swiss Chamber of Fashion
  • December 2017 X Factor Sky the singer wore an outfit from the collection “The Crown of Love”
  • January 2018 – participation in the AltaRoma fashion shows
  • February 2018 – BEST FASHION DESIGNER Fashion Week Lugano award.

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