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Discover DEER YOU: A Journey into Timeless Fashion

Discover DEER YOU: A Journey into Timeless Fashion

The Story of Deer You

Deer You is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion retailer dedicated to making it easier to enjoy and wear flattering, classic, and timeless outfits. Our mission is to create pieces that transcend fashion trends and maintain their quality for a lifetime of wears and adventures. We take pride in collaborating with other Australian small businesses to bring our creations to life. From fabrication and sourcing to manufacturing and photography, many Australian enterprises are part of the journey to create our special garments.

Australian Craftsmanship and Ethical Practices

All our pieces are lovingly designed and made in Australia, ensuring that every stitch is crafted right here on our shores. This allows us to control every part of the process, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards. We are committed to operating in a sustainable and ethical way, safeguarding our precious resources and beautiful planet. Deer You stands as the antithesis of fast fashion; each garment is made with heart and quality to last through the years.

Inspired by Adventure and Nature

The inspiration for Deer You came from an unforgettable trip to Canada. The majestic landscapes, particularly a memorable evening in Banff where we encountered reindeer (or elk, as we later learned), sparked a sense of adventure and wonder. This magical experience, combined with a love for creating cherished memories, influenced the name and spirit of our brand.

Clothes, like scents, have the power to transport us to happy memories and new adventures. We believe that each piece of clothing can become a warm hug from an old friend, a part of your remarkable life’s journey.

Timeless and Elegant Collections

Deer You offers elegant pieces designed to last throughout the years. Our retro Polka-Pot-Print brings back a sense of nostalgia, combining fun and sophistication. The Adelaide alluring midi dress, with its effortless chic and bold style, is perfect for various occasions, from casual picnics to lively gatherings. The Betsy beauty look, featuring a deep plunge ruffled neckline, offers a stylish and comfortable option.

We take a slow approach to fashion, spending more time on the design process to ensure the quality of each garment. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends to every part of our supply chain, respecting people, the environment, and animals.

Creating Cherished Memories

At Deer You, we surround ourselves with cherished trinkets and photographs of our wonderful adventures. We hope that our beautiful clothes will weave their way through the fabric of your life, creating many special memories. Our elegant and timeless pieces are made to be worn and loved for years, becoming a part of your story.

Explore Deer You and let our creations become a part of your remarkable journey. Visit our website to discover more about our collections and immerse yourself in the world of timeless, sustainable fashion. Embrace the magic of Deer You and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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