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Dorinne Negrau & His Vocabulary of Fashion

Dorinne Negrau & His Vocabulary of Fashion

Vocabulary of fashion

The Vocabulary of Fashion with Dorin is a funny story. While attending Pharmacy school in Romania, Dorin Negrau came to the realization that fashion and beauty were his passions; as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Therefore, he quickly dropped out and switched his focus into fashion by creating collections. In contrast to most designers, Dorin Negrau intends to honor the everyday woman.


His designs are suitable for all body types and is meant to be inclusive. As his collections began to grow, he’s expanded his availability throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. In addition to his collections, he also has his own set of vocabulary in order to describe the garments. To name a few; “bedouin,” meaning “the desire to travel, self discover and find the free spirit in  the eternal search;” “bossa,” defined as, “a sexless lifestyle filled with sensuality;” and “ella” which means, “a volcanic explosion of angels in our life.” All of these words, and more symbolize and define his collections.

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