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January 31, 2022 by Modern Press Brands, Spring Summer 0



These Belgian accessories 

Estelle Hanet, is a strong brilliant woman that creates accessories to empower women all over the world. As she expanded her knowledge and skills in top schools such as Central Saint Martins in London and Instituto Marangoni in Milan, she then enriched her expertise by seizing jobs at Oscar de la Renta, Karla Otto and Harry Winston. She became a professional designer and decided to go her own way with the concept of up-cycling materials. Leading her to create her own brand, Enamoure in 2021. 

We are exonerated to announce that Enamoure is one of our newest accessory collections. The bags and leather accessories can “be with you anywhere…whether at an elegant party a chic evening, or an important business meeting”. With Enamoure women are reminded how unique and remarkable they are. These Belgian accessories have the main objective to empower women. Estelle Hanet believes in “every woman’s potential to be free, fierce and independent”. 

All of Enamoure products are made from upcycled leather, with water-based glue, with a low impact on the environment, ethically made and with no toxic dyes. The accessories offer the opportunity for one to resonate with their own personality, encouraging a freer spirited and honest expression. 

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