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ESIOT, sandals inspired by the Greek culture

ESIOT, sandals inspired by the Greek culture

Unique and signature designs for sandals

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We want to introduce you our new brand ESIOT. ESIOT was established in 2014 in Greece. ESIOT produces sandals. Irene Sioti designs the sandals. She combines 25 centuries of history into a comfortable, all-day shoe. The sandals are a blend of gladiator sandals, creepers, and espadrilles. They make the sandals with genuine leather, a high-quality VIBRAM® sole, and colorful anatomical gels. The gladiator sandals are signature designs and one of their best-selling products. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

ESIOT has expanded its product range to include a wide variety of options for both summer and winter seasons. They have a range of sandals, including flat and flatforms, as well as high heels, trekky sandals, ankle boots, slides (both for summer and fluffy), belts, boat shoes, and bags. All of these products have a minimalistic design with dynamic lines, giving them a sleek and stylish look. What makes ESIOT products even more special is their premium quality. They make the products from high-quality materials and the products are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Greece.

Irene Sioti, the designer behind the brand, ensures that each design is unique and eye-catching. ESIOT enriches the collections every year with new designs, colors, and materials, or variations of existing designs are reissued. ESIOT loves to travel to keep their minds and products innovative. They never stop dreaming of their next steps. ESOIT encourage people to take a momentary pause, no matter how busy life is. This is also the sense of relaxation that they intend to incorporate into their collections. ESIOT wants to transfer the love and passion they cherish in their products in a way, that is worthy of people’s time and investment.

Firstly, each summer collection from ESIOT is inspired by different Greek destinations, which adds a special touch to the sandals. What’s really cool is that the code of each sandal corresponds to the name of a different part of Greece. So, it’s not just about releasing another new collection for ESIOT. It’s about the whole experience and the life being embodied into the products they create and adore.

Secondly, each winter collections from ESIOT embraces a different narrative. ESIOT appreciates the clean and minimal landscapes, the joy of city strolls, and the coziness of staying at home. At ESIOT they have summer souls and came to a realization that in order to keep their hearts young, they need to live in happiness and creativity all year round. So, they are appreciating winter more and more lately. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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