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Esse Brand

Esse Brand

Twin Designed Daywear

Esse, a Milan based brand, started by twin sisters with the desire to express their complimentary personalities through their collection. Within their Fall Winter 2020 collection, color blocking and symmetry are prominent designs and concepts. The color scheme mainly shows neutral colors; black, white, navy, and gray, with a small pop of green and maroon.

Esse more than just Colors

However, the silhouettes vary a bit more. Not only are there fit and flares, but Esse also has slender fit silhouettes, as well as A-line dresses. These different silhouettes offer the perfect shape for every body type. In addition to the silhouettes, the necklines of the garments vary as well. They range from turtlenecks, to boat necks, to V-neck cuts. Therefore, the sophisticated day wear of Esse is designed for all kinds of women with all body types. The dynamic duo of twin sisters merged their styles together in order to create this simplistic, modern collection.

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