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ESTER FERRANDO, Sunset in Paradise

ESTER FERRANDO, Sunset in Paradise

Ester Ferrando: Passionate, Curious, Creative

From a very young age, Ester Ferrando investigated both crochet and knitting techniques. In fact, when she finished her training at the School of Arts and Techniques of Barcelona EATM-ESDi, she specialized in knitwear and graduated with honors from the Winchester School of Arts (United Kingdom).

After her first professional experiences at Pineapple Studios (London) and Studio Orta (Paris), Ester Ferrando came back to Barcelona. When she arrived in Barcelona she opened her atelier, where she worked for designers such as Josep Font, Pedro Morago, and Georgina Vendrell, and fashion brands such as Cortana. From that moment on, she has been connected to the academic sphere as a teacher. She teaches precisely, her specialty, technical design, and knitwear.

Since 2012, she has led her own label, ESTER FERRANDO KNITWEAR, a project that weaves and expresses her creativity. Signature designs, local production, and maximum quality are the basis of each of her creations. This brand is a true everyday luxury for those who wear them, beyond trends, seasons, and sometimes even genders. 

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