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Federico Cina the Protection of the Design

Federico Cina the Protection of the Design

My continuous search at least for a feeling if creativity freedom. That sigh of relief when I get home from the attacks by figures who do not really know me, the opinions of strangers, who does not believe in me regardless.

I was able to breathe deeply again, after leaving a job that enclosed me in a small space, which tightened every day more, where creativity was controlled and the imagination measured.

Follow your dreams dictating rules, shapes and colours.

I imagined the overcoats, as a protection of the outside world. As If you were wrapped around the blankets in a moment of discomfort and feeling of inadequacy, given unjustly by those around you.

Protect yourself with a design or a clay sculpture, my bosses would inspire reliability in the wearer.

I constantly need others to trust me, which is almost always impossible because of the perennial prejudice against my young age.

Feeling like a child wearing his father’s huge clothes to get taken seriously. So I imagined leaders who would give awareness of their ability and confidence in facing the world, harsh, harsh, that stabs you when you least expect it.

Emotions are projected through the childish tones of the collection, contrasted by the safety and regularity of the “mature” and safe fabrics, typical of classic Tailoring.

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