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MARTINA BAVARO new elegant Femminity

MARTINA BAVARO new elegant Femminity

Fundamental and essential element of the Brand is the search for a new elegant femininity, defined as “serene luxury”, a luxury that is never ostentatious but made up of small details.

The new luxury between femininity and timeliess elegance

Martina Bavaro gently revolutionizes the concept of luxury starting from simplicity and elegance, redesigning the classic pieces of the female wardrobe and sometimes even that masculine, thus rediscovering a new fresh and delicate tailoring.

The designer strongly believes in the beauty that only the true Made in Italy can convey, through the skillful tailoring and the quality of fabrics, many of which
celebrate the high quality research typical of the Biella textile district.

Fundamental and essential element of the Brand is the search for a new feminine elegance that the designer herself defines as “se but made of small details, of refined combinations between neutral colors and more decisive shades, delicate metallic touches, precious embroidered, printed or hand painted fabrics. Leitmotiv of the BLOSSOM collection is the floral decoration inspired by the world of orchids, iconic flower of the Brand, whose intricate shoots become multicolored prints, repeated patterns between beehive background in the delicate prints of the dresses and silk garments that smell of summer but which, in the color variations, become perfect in every season.

The flower becomes a pictorial motif in the hand-painted details on soft viscose suits and on cotton trousers with a more winter weight.


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