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HOUSE OF DIVINO present at modernshowroom

HOUSE OF DIVINO present at modernshowroom


House of Divino is a new and upcoming brand from Los Angeles, founded by the talented Adam Divino. Adam created the brand in 2018, where he formed a team of Digital Illustrators that create prints for unique and colorful unisex matching button shirts and shorts, as well as women’s dresses. 

House of divino will collaborate with RuPaul’s drag race Italia, offering them a prize package of his designs.

Here is some of the celebrity work in Hollywood. One is a very famous boy band at the MTV video music awards, the other is a well known beauty vlogger at BeautyCon a convention.

The curated team of Digital Illustrators focus on restoring historical designs and engineering them onto blueprints of Fashion. Each of House of Divino’s prints is a study into the rich history of human culture and art by the brand’s owner. With just observing the collection one can absorb the art and history behind it. 

If you are looking for an outstanding, unique and colorful brand, House of Divino is just for you. It’s impossible to ignore the beauty and creativity that the pieces of the collection demonstrate. Each colorful piece of House of Divino will take your breath away. 

Inspired by Art-History 

House of Divino is preparing a new campaign for Summer-Spring 22’. Precompiled orders ready to wear in stock 

Handled on website BTO B Gallery >>LINK

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