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HUALA BEACHWEAR is based in Italy and is owned by HUALA BEACHWEAR HONG KONG LTD.

With more than 3,000 employees, the company is part of a group, GLOBAL SWIMWEAR LTD, and has been producing beachwear and beach accessories for over 30 years. It produces 15 million swimsuits a year and the Group also has a print-works. GSL produces for companies from all over the world, from Billabong to Etam. It is a streamlined and flexible company, ready to take on large or medium-small production .

HUALA is a typical Hawaiian flower that stands for freedom and beauty. HUALA BEACHWEAR is a brand of swimwear, beachwear and accessories, which are 100% designed and developed in Italy. High-quality materials, Italian Lycra, accessories and exclusive prints are custom designed by the designer.

A passion for details and for quality craftsmanship are the hallmarks – and an essential part – of our brand. Energetic and sensual, elegant and intriguing, with references to sportswear and streetwear.

HUALA BEACHWEAR is the perfect blend of Italian style and exotic allure.

Emiliano Rinaldi was born in Arezzo into a family of engineers and architects, but he did not choose to become a designer, it was his calling. ‘I have always looked for harmony, beauty, sensitivity and sensuality in the people and things I encounter.’

In 2012, he launched a brand under his name and, as a result of its success, in 2013 he was appointed Creative Director of LA PERLA, thanks to whom the fashion house took to the runway during the Paris Haute Couture Week, with Naomi Campbell as testimonial.After his experience at LA PERLA, he started working as creative director with several fashion houses specialising in beachwear and lingerie, such as the well-known YAMAMAY, but also LORRIVE, a new luxury lingerie project. As General Manager of HUALA BEACHWEAR ITALIA and Creative Director of HUALA BEACHWEAR, since 2018 he has been working on launching the project in both Italy and Europe, which, in addition to the SS19 women’s collection, will include the launch of the FW20 menswear and active wear collection.


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