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Marietta Chrousala’s Sandals

Marietta Chrousala’s Sandals

a Greek inspired Sandal brand collection!

We are so happy to present one of our new shoe collections: Marietta’s Fantasy. Marietta Chrousala, the famous worldwide influencer in fashion trends, founded Mariettasfantasy.

Marietta Chrousala is the founder of Mariettas Fantasy. She has worldwide recognition and a strong influence in fashion, from tv shows to world known pageants and magazine covers. Mariettas Fantasy is a Greek inspired sandal brand that focuses on the ancient civilization of her country and roots. She took this idea and made a collection representing ancient Greek motifs. Using a natural material, such as leather, she developed the sandals. The names of each sandal has a connection to Greek mythology and its history. 

With her experience in the fashion world, being a host of successful TV Shows, becoming Ms. Greece in the national beauty contest, being the face of many top magazines, and other fashion related jobs, she was able to create a unique, beautiful and inspiring Sandal collection. Mariettasfantasy collections are inspired by Ancient Greece, and the factors of Greek civilization from the past. Specifically, because Marietta is a Greek woman and as she mentions she “had to trust what her ancestors left her”. 

Where simple but precious materials, such as leathers, are put together with such imagination where they created a series of sandals representing ancient motifs. The name given to each sandal is based on mythology and historical motifs. Some of these names come from worldwide known mythology; such as the helmet of Pericles, the armor of the warrior, the threads of mythology, or the archaic columns: all which have inspired each pair of sandals that has been created and form part of Mariettasfantasy collection.  

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