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Founded in Istanbul in 2020, the fashion house HALEIA, combines high fashion with technological factors and offers a sophisticated perspective to the textile industry. The DNA of

the brand includes polyphony based on masculine-feminine silhouettes, bravery coming from the responsibility towards nature and core aesthetic coming from freedom in design.

In addition to being a multi-disciplinary brand, Hale Baykuş, the founder and creative director of HALEIA, born in Istanbul, chooses all the freedom given by geometry and design as its

playground. After having the degrees of Interior Architecture and Computer Engineering consecutively from Mimar Sinan University and Kadir Has University, and in many years of

success as an engineer at her career, she dreams of a high design approach that fuses technique and fashion both together.


Progressing with the aesthetic vision of the brand’s design team and the creative directorship of Hale Baykuş, HALEIA builds a modern and flattering luxury design line. This balanced

collision between a creative and an analytical approach has been discovered by the global fashion industry in a very short time and has driven the brand to greater global appeal. While based at

home in Istanbul, HALEIA exhibits its collections in various major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Doha, Paris, Monaco, Cannes etc. The brand continues to gain strength among the

other well-known brands in the industry. No matter how young the brand is, HALEIA aims to carry the success it has achieved in a short without compromising its international brand identity

and to play a permanent role in this sector.


HALEIA focuses and conveys healing power of nature, inner harmony, motion and manner for its 2022 Spring-Summer collection. The brand brings romantic detailing and contoured silhouettes

together and sustains the success of keeping the mix touch of feminine and masculine vibes in this collection as well.




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