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NORDSHAMS Autumn/winter 24/25

NORDSHAMS Autumn/winter 24/25



Autumn/Winter ‘24/25 Collection is designed for the accomplished woman who effortlessly navigates her way through different aspects of life. From casual weekends to business meetings and glamorous nights out, each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted to stand alone as a statement, yet serves as a perfect complement to others, allowing for endless combinations.

Duygu Akgun, Designer and Owner of Nordshams, expressed the essence of the brand, stating, “Nordshams is an ode to the modern woman—fearless, sophisticated, and beautifully versatile in every season of her life. We believe our new Autumn/Winter ‘24/25 Collection resonates perfectly with the discerning clientele in the heart of Italy.”

The Autumn/Winter ’24/25 Collection

is a testament to Nordshams’ commitment to delivering timeless elegance with a modern twist. The exclusive launch will be held from January 24 at Modern Showroom in Milan, marking a significant step in Nordshams’ journey to offer exquisite, high-quality fashion to the Italian market.

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