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X-RUX green light sustainable shoes

X-RUX green light sustainable shoes

Comfortable and sustainable shoes

Available At Modern Showroom located in Milan

X-RUX designs comfortable and sustainable shoes in different styles. Their mission is to let people express their personal style in absolute comfort. With their mission they want to achieve their goals which is to make every person feel unique and free to express themselves in the way they want.

X-RUX has different lines when it comes to their shoes with all different styles. Their lines are: Life Like line, Green Light line and the dynamic Straight Urban line. Firstly, the Life Like line is a timeless iconic line. The message X-RUX wants to tell people with this line is live your life, as you please. The shoes from this line are made in Italy to show off at any moment of the day, for an effortlessly cool look. Secondly, the Green Light line is a sustainable line. The shoes in this line are created off 70% recycled cotton and 30% organic cotton. With this green line X-RUX wants to give people the opportunity to choose to be responsible towards the environment. Thirdly, the last line is the straight urban line. This line represents style and refinement for quality and comfort. This line is for people who want to have fashionable shoes that are light weighted and comfortable.

X-RUX designes the shoes with a special sole. For the soles they use Whippy®. This is a special material in terms of composition, manufacturing and performance. The Whippy® technology used in these sneakers combines two different polyurethane processes. In addition, this creates a perfect fit and a deep sense of comfort. The shoes are not only lightweight and flexible, but they also provide exceptional cushioning that envelops and supports your foot. The Whippy® technology also ensures high resistance to abrasion.


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