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May 19, 2022 by Modern Press Fashion Brands 0

Italian fashion brand

Italian fashion brand

in our panorama of brands we selected the most sustainable one!


Her mane is YAIMARA GOMEZ a girls who studied dance to become a Great strong dancer, she was born in Cuba, now she is in Milan since years and become the principal dancer at la scala Theater for the opera of Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Same time she a multifaceted person, she love to create fashion knitted even dancing, her new SUSTAINABLE Italian fashion brand bring her name YAIMARA GOMEZ and she love to create knitted by hand , in the real sense of the world, as she do not use and tools but just her fingers and as material she like to recover by recycling jersey from wast of cuts comes form several companies, so she help the planet by adding artistic and human values without impact t the environment of our beautiful planet! so you thing ah this is slowear , not really as Yaimaira she very fast in doing it, in fact are enough few hours for making a top!

here some fantastic creations!

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