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Ivy groovy, designs of glam and femininity

Ivy groovy, designs of glam and femininity

Ivy Groovy, a new brand, ready to take off with their designs of glam and femininity. The recently released collection is full of sparkle. With, their focus is their attention to detail and their lively imagination. The multi-coloured blazer is the perfect touch to spice up any outfit. It’s paired with a simple, black pant, giving it all the attention to shine. Wear it with a turtleneck underneath to stay warm, but stylish in the winter; or go for a sexy look and wear the blazer as a top. Overall, the glam and femininity pieces of the collection have a subtle, yet sexy element about all of them. In contrast to the glam dresses, Ivy Groovy has a few simple LBDs (little black dresses) for the simpler girl. Some come with statement bows, or statement sleeves. There is something for everyone in this collection.

In addition to the sparkle, Ivy Groovy also features three coats that reflect glam and femininity. Two, with a red plaid pattern and grey detailing. The other has a grey colour to it. All three coats have similar silhouettes in this collection. To conclude, Ivy Groovy designs clothes for the eccentric, strong, boss babe. The contrasts between a full glam jumpsuit, a little black dress, and a red plaid coat, shows the brand’s versatility and commitment to making every woman feel good in their clothes. So every women can reflect the glam and femininity inside of them.

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