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IVY GROOVY, irresistible Gypsy & rock and roll!

IVY GROOVY, irresistible Gypsy & rock and roll!

A dream in which to sink down to rediscover one’s own spirit 

Ivy Groovy is experimental like the rock of the 70’s, madly exuberant and free, gypsy, absentmindedly poetic and naive. As simple and elegant as the facets of a stone, as precious as the brilliance of light reflected in it, the bodies are finally free to express themselves in a secret game of clean lines, contemporary cuts and total black look. The collection is a continuous chatter in foreign languages. The Scottish tartan wraps vests that tell of long Gypsy journeys across the Balkan lands; wide geometric gutters meet with stiff bows and necks, rooted in the style of ancient Sicily, rigid, but maliciously tempted by a certain taste of the Baroque.

Ivy Groovy Collection

A Wunderkammer of precious details, unconventional, that exalt an imaginative and refined soul. A collection designed for dreamy, original women with a strong personality and freedom! Messy overlaps, irresistible patterns, underground traces. Fringes, studs, pearls, lace and transparencies.Oversized volumes are enriched with striking prints and details, cut-outs and decorations that cannot be missed.The models of the casual world are transformed and stretched into large T-shirt dresses, tulle and outerwear, the result of creative collages.The Ivygroovy style, with its taste for the eccentric and the unique, presents the Spring-Summer 2020 capsule. Taking advantage of the top tailor-made artisans of Sicily and of fabrics with the prowess of Made in Italy.


This Brand has terminated it’s Sales Campaign, you can Contact MS commercial division for info

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