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VERA & WILLIAM Pure & Natural underwear

VERA & WILLIAM Pure & Natural underwear

VERA&WILLIAM is a Norwegian high-quality brand specialized in clothes in prima natural materials – especially suited for the shifting seasons and climate of Scandinavia. The brand use firsthand raw materials such as Merino Wool, Egyptian Cotton ELS, Silk and Cashmere. They are not producing for the masses, but for a niche that knows the value of honest, solid and durable design and craftsmanship. All productions take place in local “slow-fashion” hubs in Northern Italy. The collections are inspired by traditional and timeless essentials – for both everyday and delicate use. Each garment is made with love and affection in respect of nature – simply to offer the very best of everything…

-”The philosophy behind Vera & William is to create authentic pieces from the lost days. A time when clothes had a function, stayed in fashion and lasted for generations. It’s all about the diligent craft and the dignity behind an honest work. Garments to love, care for and worth repairing. A silent performance about taking back time and reach out with a message of real consciousness and true sustainability. I do believe that smaller, independent brands really can make a change in the long run. By slowing it all down, create from the heart, implement some awareness and getting through to consumers to take a stand against overconsumption.”

Anne Cecilie Rinde – Founder & CEO VERA&WILLIAM

For more info: VERAWILLIAM.COM


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