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The story behind realm of fashion

JEF’s journey goes beyond the realm of fashion. As it endeavors to create a fusion of not just garments. But of emotions, aesthetics, and a deep reverence for the vibrant tapestry of Lusophone culture. Their pieces stand as a testament to the enduring values of quality, elegance, and comfort. Embodying a harmonious blend of the timeless and the modern.

The dream

Born from a dream to encapsulate the essence of the Portuguese-speaking world. JEF’s roots run deep into the soil of expression and multiculturalism inherent in the Portuguese language. With audacity as its guiding force, the brand sets out to defy boundaries and transcend limitations, drawing inspiration from the fearless spirit of explorers. Who sought to unite nations and cultures through their ventures. And their feeling with fashion

In speaking, feeling, and creating in Portuguese, JEF not only pays homage. But also reshapes the collective identity of Lusophony, infusing contemporary designs with cultural nuances and ethnic motifs. However this celebration of diversity serves as a testament. To their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the richness of global heritage in fashion.

The “Habemus Lux” collection, unveiled for Spring/Summer 2024. Stands as a vibrant testament to this ethos. Drawing inspiration from the elemental forces of volcanic lava, each piece emerges from the depths of creative exploration, imbued with a distinct essence. From the cerulean depths of Porto Santo’s waters to the verdant vistas of Porto Moniz’s natural pools, and the fiery oranges of poncha, each hue tells a tale of culture, vitality, and the intrinsic beauty of nature. Soft pinks reminiscent of pitaia and tranquil greens echoing banana leaves complete the palette, weaving a narrative that celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors found in the world around us.

In essence, JEF’s “Habemus Lux” collection is not just a showcase of fashion; it is a testament to the power of creativity, culture, and connectivity to transcend borders and forge bonds that span continents.

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