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March 4, 2019 by Modern Press Fashion Brands 0

La Condesa – Spanish Made Jackets

La Condesa – Spanish Made Jackets

Marina Conde, started La Condesa, or The Countess, in 2010 in Spain. One of her slogans is “more is more” and that can be seen in her military inspired jackets. She takes these jackets and puts her own personal touch and style on them. La Condesa celebrates femininity in their jackets. The brand uses a signature pink color in all of the garments. In addition to the pink, the well tailored jackets boast bright colors and lively patterns. Marina Conde wants to have fun with her designs. Rock & Rock, unicorns, neon lights, and crowns are just a few of her favorite things. Her garments showcase this personality, as well as a Baroque touch she adds to many of them.

Her girl boss attitude and drive pushes her every day to create these garments. After one of her jackets appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, her designs and brand continued to grow. Nowadays, her brand has grown from just jackets, to dresses and t-shirts, as well as mens collections. However, her jackets continue to remain the focus of the brand. Overall, Marina Conde is a rockstar designer who makes rockstar clothing, who’s high energy brand continues to thrive in Spain, and other countries.

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