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Lips Milano, sophisticomfy, high-quality clothing

Lips Milano, sophisticomfy, high-quality clothing

Affordable high-quality clothing

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Lips Milano. Lips Milano was founded in Italy. Lips Milano was born with the desire to innovate the fashion scene. Furthermore, it’s a brand for women who recognize the value of comfort in real life. It’s for women who won’t betray their style, going from the office to school or a cocktail party, it are clothes for every occasion. The clothes are sophisticated and elegant and will make every individual confident. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

The mission of Lips Milano is to make affordable, high-quality clothing without compromise. A reality possible because of the end-to-end process regarding the creation and production of organic fabrics, all from Italy. Lips Milano draws inspiration from a beautiful fusion of streetwear and haute couture. Their clothing is perfect for those post-office aperitifs or nights out. They’ve coined it as “sophisticomfy wear” – a style that exudes confidence and allows you to seamlessly transition between different commitments. With their comfortable yet stylish designs, Lips Milano understands the importance of feeling at ease while maintaining a touch of sophistication. Their style is always evolving, catering to strong and self-assured women who appreciate the value of comfort in managing their real lives while staying true to their elegant selves. It’s all about embracing life with confidence, grace, and a hint of glamour.

Lips Milano is all about offering affordable, high-quality fashion without any compromises. They’ve achieved this by implementing an end-to-end process that covers the creation and production of organic fabrics, all sourced from Italy. It’s truly remarkable how they stay true to their mission. They firmly believe in the power of Sophisticomfy as a genre that can bring joy to the lives of those who can finally embrace every moment with ease, style, and elegance. One of the things that sets Lips apart is their diverse and highly skilled team. With a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, they’re able to bring a higher level of styling to all their clients. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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