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LOVE SOFIE life within the fashion world.

LOVE SOFIE life within the fashion world.

Love Sofie exists to promote kindness and celebrate life within the fashion world.

The Swedish designer Sofie Bly had worked in the international fashion scene for more than 2 decades. She had that opportunity when she met Emma Hedin, marketing strategist from various Swedish fashion-brands including: ACNE, NUDIE and WHYRED.

Together this strong team of visionary women created Love Sofie: A possibility to be chic, modern, and kind at the same time. They both believe that a great part of the fashion industry has become too harsh careless and irresponsible. Therefore, they want to change this by showing the world that

The Brand Love Sofie contains shoes and accessories that are ANIMAL-FREE using sustainable materials and responsible productions.

The expression is chic, cool and friendly with a big love for prints and fun collaborations. The brand uses witty and original ORIGAMI-characters as a statement to prove that you don’t need real animals to create beautiful fashion. The collections are small and concentrated and price-range lies between RRP: 100-200€. The SS19 collection is born out of the love for the colors of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Poster-art, neon lights, diversity, fearlessness and style in a place where you can be anyone

The Love Sofie woman is walking down Bedford Avenue feeling sparkling. She is confident, feminine and the only way she will ever take her shoes of is to dance in a fountain. Bright colors and bold patterns in a mash-up. With sustainable materials and timeless styles, essential flats and heels, statement bags, and everyday black. To wrap it all up: An origami heart to state that where love reigns, the impossible can be attained…

It´s cool to be kind

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