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Luxury handmade Italian accessories by Henry Daniel

Luxury handmade Italian accessories by Henry Daniel

Henry Daniel Jewelry has expanded to a new branch. Continuing on the path of excellence and know-how of Italian handmade, they branched out to to the accessories field. They now make handbags for day wear and evening wear as well as resort beach bags. All in fun and colorful way that the HDJ customers got used to.

D4S London was Founded by Daniel in 2018 with the aim to specialize In Luxury handmade Italian accessories. The Henry Daniel Fashion Groups core philosophy is the manufacture and sale of a fun, versatile, and affordable luxury collections. Also designed accessories to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls throughout the world.

From their Trendy Evening Leather Bags to our Causal Beach Bags our collections range from a bag for every day of life not only smart but also causal wear and from summer to winter colors to Beach Vibrant Canvas Patterns there isĀ  a design for all seasons and tastes .

Have a look at the newest jewelry pieces so finely made and nevertheless elegant and most definitely fun! The collection includes bracelets, rings and necklaces as well. The evening bags collection comes in a variety of colors with inter changeable straps to adjust from day wear to nightwear as easily as possible, while the beach bags remain spacious and with fun prints to make them stand out on the beach.

To see the new collection of fine jewelry and handbags BOOK AN APPOINTMENT HERE.

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