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Maddalena Triggiani’s dreamy collection

Maddalena Triggiani’s dreamy collection

A collection with a soul of couture inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension. That is the fundamental concept of Maddalena Triggiani’s spring-summer 2018. The Italian designer, passionate about art and cinematography, creates contrasts in these sculptural dresses. She does this between the wide volumes and the vertiginous necklines in a range of colors that starts with ethereal shades.

The shades of powder pink until the nocturnal and mysterious shades of burgundy, metallic gray and deep black. The prints  are inspired by anemones. The garments are entirely  handmade  in precious and innovative materials such as pure silk, jacquard’s using embroideries and motifs from the Japanese culture. The collection is a testimony of a true “made in Italy” product. That combines innovative fabrics, excellent  production and a mysterious yet feminine silhouette.

New collection shoots

Maddalena Triggiani has chosen the archaeological parks of Canosa di Puglia for the new advertising campaign. The campaign of  “Altum Creaturae”  SS 2018 collection. These eternal places have always been the source of inspiration of the designer. This is continuing with the latest  “Altum Creaturae” collection. Inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension. The collection combines creativity and the Canosine origins of the designer. As well the places where artistic and cultural wealth is expressed in its maximum splendor that it can be felt in the air.

Also, the location is chosen for the photo campaign of the new collection. Not only for its ethereal beauty but also to promote a territory. Which is so very dear to the designer who’s always been moving internationally. Yet finds herself returning to the place where it all begin. The mosaics and the harmonious colors, the Corinthian capitals, and the columns in precious marble were the ideal setting for the outfits of the collection.

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