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MAISON NICA: Shaping the Future of Fashion

MAISON NICA: Shaping the Future of Fashion

At MAISON NICA, fashion transcends mere garments; it becomes an immersive storytelling experience that extends beyond the confines of the runway. The brand’s vision goes beyond traditional boundaries, envisioning a future where fashion seamlessly intertwines with various mediums. With an innovative approach, MAISON NICA plans to diversify into different fashion-related ventures, including webtoons and games, creating captivating narratives that complement their collections. The goal of MAISON NICA Shaping the future of Fashion.

Unveiling Unforgettable Narratives Through Ethical Collections

  1. D.M.Z PARK 22 S/S COLLECTION: Inspired by the divided nation of Korea, this collection intricately weaves a fictional tale around the enigmatic D.M.Z PARK. Each garment carries the essence of a narrative that reflects the intricate complexities of the region.
  2. GAIA PLANET 23 F/W COLLECTION : Drawing inspiration from the Gaia myth in Roman mythology, this collection unfolds a captivating story of a Gaia planet where humanity seeks refuge after the Earth’s destruction. The Gaia goddess serves as the guiding force in this cosmic journey.
  3. THE GOLDEN CALAMITY OF DIONYSUS 24 S/S COLLECTION: Rooted in the tales of Dionysus, the god of grapes, and King Midas, this collection delves into the repercussions of relentless pursuit of material wealth. It provokes contemplation on humanity’s relentless quest for abundance.

Maison Nica Identity – Pioneering Sustainability in Fashion

Central to MAISON NICA’s philosophy is the commitment to creating fashion that not only captivates but also contributes to a better world.

The brand is dedicated to reconnecting with nature and expressing genuine beauty through designs that harmonize with the environment.

AMAMI – Embracing Diversity and Love

Central to MAISON NICA’s identity is the concept of ‘AMAMI’, representing self-love and the eradication of biases in all aspects of fashion. This notion encapsulates the belief that embracing diverse perspectives is crucial in shaping practical and forward-thinking clothing.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives for an eco-friendly fashion

MAISON NICA is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. The brand curates collections using domestically-produced, 100% eco-friendly fabric known as “Platex,” derived from recycled plastic waste within the country.

This initiative not only champions recycling but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with importing materials.

Furthermore, the brand optimizes production routes by centralizing facilities, thereby minimizing transportation requirements and reducing carbon emissions. Environmental considerations extend to packaging, where MAISON NICA strives to minimize waste by eliminating dual and triple packaging.

In essence, MAISON NICA is more than a fashion brand; it is a catalyst for change, effectively shaping the future of fashion, embodying social significance, and leading the way towards a sustainable and inclusive future.. Experience fashion with a purpose; experience MAISON NICA.

“MAISON NICA Shaping the future of Fashion”

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