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MARA made in Greece, handmade jewelry

MARA made in Greece, handmade jewelry

Greek brand established in 2014

Available at Modern Showroom in Italy

We want to introduce you our new brand Mara made in Greece. Mara is a Greece brand that was established in 2014. The creator of Mara made in Greece is Mara Milonopoulou. Moreover, she has had a long and successful career as a costume designer, fashion stylist and advertising manager before starting Mara made in Greece. Mara is a handmade jewelry brand that gets her inspiration from the Greek culture and heritage. In addition, the designs are an antidote to conformity and stand for individuality and femininity. That’s why we of modern showroom are targeting this upcoming brand.

Mara sells handmade jewelry and accessories inspired by the Greek culture and heritage. They have an extensive experience in wholesale. They have a regular and stable clientele with different and exclusive boutiques and different concept stores in Greece. Mara also has exports in Europe, the United States, Mexico and Canada. To increase their clientele, they present their new collections on markets, in example the Greek Fair ‘’Parousies’’ at Metropolitan Expo Center. Mara is expanding by participating in several Trade Fairs. At this moment Mara exports in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Mallorca, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

They make the jewelry and accessories by the best and finest materials with a high quality and all the products are handmade. During the production process there is a strict quality control. They strive for consistency and a very good customer service. Sustainability and ethical practices are also a very important factors for Mara. Mara produces one line each season divided into three different collections. The new collection is a bridal collection with various kinds of jewelry. The collection is inspired by different plants and flowers of the Greek land that symbolizes luck and the sea world living in the Greek oceans. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

https://modernshowroom.com/portfolio/mara/ , http://modernshowroom.com/ , https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=handmade+jewelry

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