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November 18, 2021 by Modern Press Fashion Brands, Spring Summer 0

Sandals made blu the mythology

Sandals made blu the mythology

One of our new shoe brands is Marietta’s Fantasy. The sandal brand was founded by Marietta Chrousala, who is a celebrity from Greece. Marietta is a model, presenter of big TV shows and former Miss Greece. The inspiration for the brand is the ancient Greece. As Greece is highly praised for all the cultural history and seen as the credal of modern culture all over the world, Mariette couldn’t deny all the inspiration that was right in front of her. 

Using a lot of imagination with a plain natural material, leather, in this case is the simple recipe for the sandals. A lot of attention and time goes into the designs and the shoes are handmade in Greece. The collections show ancient representations and motifs and even the names of the sandals are based on mythology and history. Some of the names come from the mythology from which many people all over the world have been inspired and read about from the armor of the warrior until the helmet of Pericles and from the archaic columns up to the threads of mythology lays the theme of their year’s series.

The brand offers a really wide range of sandals, in this way there is something suiting for all ages and for everyone’s taste. Different colors, different materials and different models all tell us a different story. 

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